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Exercising with Your Dog 101

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Getting enough physical activity is not only good for you and your dog's health, it also enriches the mind, cuts down on destructive behavior, and strengthens your bond, for both of you! In this section, we’ll be covering safe ways to get started no matter where you live or what kind of shape you're in.

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Course Syllabus

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  • The Basics of Exercising and your Dog (2 Credits)
  • Exercising with Your Dog 101 | Read Article
  • Class Quiz: Exercise Basics | Take Quiz
  • Exercise Anywhere (2 Credits)
  • Keeping Dogs Fit in the Country | Read Article
  • Keeping Your Pet Fit in the City | Read Article
  • Exercising for Two (4 Credits)
  • Losing Weight While Exercising Yoru Pet | Read Article
  • Running and Staying Safe with Your Dog | Read Article
  • You, Your Dog, and a Disc | Read Article
  • Top Ten Ways to Exercise with Your Dog in the Winter | View Slideshow
  • Final Quiz: Exercising with Your Dog 101 | Final Quiz
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