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Dog Training Basics

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Here is where things get serious. You’ve gotten past the challenges of a snoopy, chewy puppy, she has learned her name by now and hopefully stopped whining at night. So now we start the lifelong process of training your pup. There’s a lot to cover – you may want to take notes!

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Course Syllabus

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  • A Great Foundation (3 Credits)
  • Basic Obedience Training for Puppies | Read Article
  • The Art of Training a Puppy | Read Article
  • Critical Commands to Save Your Dog's Life | Read Article
  • Curb Bad Habits (4 Credits)
  • Ignore Behaviors and Watch them Disappear | Read Blog Post
  • Curb Biting | Read Blog Post
  • How to Stop Your Dog from Jumping | Read Blog Post
  • Class Quiz: Stop Bad Habits | Take Quiz
  • Go Pro with Obedience (2 Credits)
  • Are Obedience Classes Right for My Dog | Read Article
  • Go to Class! | Read Blog Post
  • Final Quiz: Dog Training Basics | Final Quiz
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